Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Books, Glorious Books...

Joanne and I are always looking for new ways to make the Cafe feel more like home. We both believe, very strongly, that a good Cafe should not only serve great food and great coffee, all with a friendly smile, but it should feel like home. You should always feel welcome and comfortable enough to stay all day...
We are both very excited about our latest idea to help make this happen. As you know Winter is nearly here, and the bite of the Winter to come can be felt even on these early Autumn evenings. In an effort to encourage our regular customers to spend their weekends lazing and relaxing by the fire, and to compliment the homey feel we hope to convey with or new Winter menu, we have decided to put in some very comfy couches, and a Bookshelf!
Today, I spent a glorious few hours in a secondhand bookstore, selecting the first volumes to grace the shelves of our fledgling library. Not only will you be able to sit in a cozy corner and wile the day away with a great read, but you can even take it home! As long as you promise to bring it back...
For those of you who don't know, I used to work at Collins Booksellers and have loved books my entire life. Unsure of what to read first? Want to branch out into a new genre or Author, I can help! Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
The Cafe Library will be open very soon, right after our last big function has been completed.
We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!

For the Twitchers....

Isn't Mother Nature truly amazing?I mean when this lady comes up with a design she gets it 150% right. Some of you might not know that the Homestead Grounds are a Bird Sanctuary. We are fortunate enough to see lots of bird activity and it can sometimes seem a little odd... On Saturday, Emma, came over to clean the Homestead Grounds Toilets. She called me out to look at something she had found. I have to tell you my heart sank, you never really expect to find anything good in these toilets....(We are desperately trying to get them replaced) I was, however, delighted with her discovery. In the fuse box which hangs on the wall of the ladies toilets, is a little hole in the door, about the size of a 50 cent coin. When she opened the door to the fuse box, I was staggered to see the most intricate and complex nest I have ever had the good fortune to see. We have alot of Starlings around the Homestead and it is nesting season. This nest was beautiful in its design. Each and every piece of straw and leaf and feather had been woven around and around in a clockwise direction. It was so complex and so wonderful to admire. It amazed me that this little bird had spent hours and possibly days weaving this nest in such a small space, with such a small entry point. We were both very upset that it had to be removed, but it was in a very old fuse box and a HUGE fire hazard. Still, it was lovely to be reminded, that we humans aren't as clever as we like to think we are and to spend the rest of the day marvelling at the Perfection that is Mother Nature.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Tye's Useless Information

Did you know…. *Most of the troops that were used against the Anzacs in the first days at Gallipoli, were Arabs.
*On the first day only one Australian 18 pounder artillery piece was landed.
*“Old Anzac”, the area of land held during the whole campaign is about 400 acres in size.
*At Kum Kale, the French had no steel pickets to string barbed wire. They used Turkish bodies instead.
*The minesweepers that were sent to clear the minefields in the Dardanelles were fishing trawlers, with civilian crews, who were averse to taking orders from the Royal Navy.


Thank you to all of our customers for your patience and understanding on Saturday the 24th of March, whilst we closed the café for the day. David and I got married in the front room of the Homestead and later had our reception in the Café. It was a truly magical day! As our regular readers know, Joanne and I ask that all couples who get married at the Homestead provide us with a bit of background on their relationship, so we can write up a little story in the newsletter. Apparently being management does not excuse me from doing the same… David and I met 11 years ago in Darwin, whilst we both worked for a restaurant/nightclub complex. I was the Restaurant Manager at the time and David was employed to be the new DJ in the nightclub. As much as I would like to tell you it was love at first sight, it was actually much better. David quickly became my best friend and we were soon inseparable as a couple. It may have taken 11 years and 3 children but we eventually tied the knot, and could not be happier! Not only do I get to say I married my best friend, I have also been fortunate enough to have gained a beautiful family. David’s family have been an absolute well of love and support, for both of us and our children, and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done and continue to do...I have gained so much, in the way of not only parents I love as my own, but 2 sisters, (one of whom is also my business partner and very dear friend and confidante) whom I love very much and simply could not do without… A very big thank you has to be said to all of them, for all of the hard work they put into making our wedding day perfectly magical, and as for Jo, I could not have imagined a more magnificent reception! And Thank you All, who wished us well, it meant so much! Love Tye x

Dinner In Portugal

Dinner In Portugal
Due To An Overwhelming Amount Of Unavailable Interest For This Event We Have Decided To Postpone It.
The New Tentative Date of This Evening Is Saturday 18th August, 2007.
Tickets Are On Sale Now and Will Ticket Sales Will Close On The 4th August.
For Further Details or A Copy Of The Complete Menu For The Evening Please Contact Either Joanne or Tye ASAP!
Learn About The History and Heritage of Portugal.
Enjoy Different Forms of Traditional Portuguese Entertainment including Folklore Dancing and the Fado.
Feast on Platters of Mouth Watering Portuguese Dishes, Consisting of Four Different Courses, Sampling Over 16 Dishes. Full Menu Details Are Now Available In The Café!
Tickets Include Entertainment, 4 Course Dinner, Coffee and Shot of Aguardente
* $60 per person *
(Discounts Apply For Group Bookings Of 10 Or More)
(Limited Seating Available)