Monday, 11 June 2007

Stuarts Pick Of The Month.

Those of you who have been to the Cafe recently will be familiar with Stuart. Stuart is the late, tragic fiancee of Lady Decomp and after his gala performance on the night he has taken up permanent residence in the corner nearest to the fire. We have found Stuart to be incredibly useful and versatile. His many talents include...starting great conversations, being the life of the party at our last 4 functions, making sure no one but Tye sits in the rocking chair by the fire and childminding, (whilst there is no fee for this service, we do advise you leave your children with him at your own risk) Now Stuart is branching out and will be writing a monthly column in our Newsletter. It will be called 'Stuarts Pick Of The Month...Books Guaranteed To Bore You To Death.' This month Stuart can be seen reading Geraldine Brooks 'epic masterpiece' "Year Of Wonders". A sweeping saga that tells of the tragic epidemic that was the bubonic plague. It is simply unputdownable, especially if you fall asleep reading it and have a massive hand cramp. Stuart is rating this one a massive 4 skulls out of 5 for its devastating boredom factor. In fact, Tye will give a free Latte to anyone who can claim they loved it with a straight face. (You must also be able to prove you stayed awake throughout your reading of this book.) Stay tuned to see which novelist will fall victim to Stuarts scathing wit next....

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tye's Usless Info!

Did you know…. # Alfred Hitchcock did not have a bellybutton… #In a church in Omaha, Nebraska, it is against the law to burp or sneeze… #The nest of a bald eagle can weigh over a tonne… #The great horned owl can turn its head 270 degrees… #The most venomous of all snakes the Inland Taipan, has enough venom in one bite to kill more than 200,00 mice… #There are more caribou in Alaska than people… #There are close to 1 million sheep in Iceland… #Elephants and short tail shrews get by on only 2 hours sleep a day...

Gift Corner!!

You might have noticed our gift corner has been established in the last few weeks. We are proud to offer beautiful handmade products from Yuulong Lavender Farm. These ladies make exquisite, all natural lavender products for your home and body. The Lavender Hand Cream is simply divine! And did you know that Pure Lavender Oil is excellent to rub on to burns, not only does it take away the sting but it also helps with scarring, (just ask Tye..) We also have handspun wool and knitting kits from Merry Munchkin Designs and Sheepy Chic, both local fiber artists. Please feel free to ask our staff any questions you might have about our gift corner, we are, as always happy to help!

Lady Ella de Comp

Our first ever theatrical evening was a huge success! The weather decided to help us out and ensure we were all sufficiently creeped out by the cold, dark, windy evening...still it made returning to the café and the warmth of the fire all the more satisfying. To be honest I do not know who was more scared, those who attended, or me having to play the part of Ella in front of 40 people for the first time. As some of you know, tickets were sold out and after much discussion Joanne and I have decided to do it all again (as soon as I get some thermals to go under that flimsy lace wedding dress) Those who were lucky enough to get tickets also had the tough decision of what to have for supper, Lamb Casserole with Creamy Mash Potato, or Hearty Minestrone with Hot Crusty Damper... Both Joanne and I would like to say a very big thank you to those who braved the weather and the dark to support our little adventure. We would also like to thank the hidden staff of the evening, David and Paulo! A big thanks also has to be said to Ruth Tully for the donation of her beautiful family heirloom wedding dress. Of course the evening would have not have been as interesting without the use of the Homestead itself and for this we would like to thank Emma and Mike, especially Mike and the kids, (they were the ones who sat in the living quarters and endured all of the strange noises and running about!) So for those of you already on our mailing list never fear, you guys will be the first to know when we are set to have another “Ghastly Evening with Lady De Comp”, for those of you who would like to sign up on our mailing list and find out first hand all of our exciting event details, please see Joanne or Tye.

Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll!

Do you hanker for the Good Ole Days when women wore full skirts and guys had oily hair? When a burger was made from real cows and thick shakes were really thick? When Rock and Roll was all the rage and music had lyrics you could sing too and gyrate your hips at the same time? When Elvis was the King and Buddy Holly was cool for wearing glasses and boys named Bobby crooned to girls named Donna? When your Teen Angel loved you so much she would give up her life on a railroad track to go get that high school ring... Well then, Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire! Join us and our good friend Jive Bunny for a great night of good old Rock ‘n’ Roll. Ah Huh! Burgers, Fries, Shakes and Hot Fudge Sundaes are on the menu along with Live Entertainment and Rock ‘n’ Roll Demonstrations! Get your dancing shoes on, grab a partner and come on lets do the twist! $30 per person Includes Entry, Entertainment & Dinner! Drinks @ Bar Prices All Tickets Must Be Pre-Purchased Please Contact Joanne on 0438 042 926 For Further Information or To Book Your Tickets!

Introducing Jamie & Kerry

That’s right folks, some of you may have noticed we have 2 new additions to our little family here at the homestead, (I personally think they look more like Joanne than me…hehehe)
It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our Alpaca friends, Kerry (black and white) and Jamie (russet brown). These beautiful boys come to us from the Tarneit Children's Animal Farm and now have a new home with us. Alpacas are traditionally used to protect and herd sheep in their native South America and whilst these boys are very friendly, having been hand reared, they might not stand around too long for a pat.
Alpacas tend to be very curious, so they will come over to have a bit of a sniff at you and whilst they don't mind being petted, please don't be offended if they move away after a short time. We are having them sheared within the next week or so, so they will look a little neater next time you see them. I, for one am looking forward to spinning up their lovely fleece for sale in the café gift corner! In the meantime please feel free to go out the back and say Hi to them, we are sure they will be glad to meet you!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Harry Potter Eve!