Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Need a Function Venue?

Looking for the perfect venue for your next important event? We have the answer!
Within our lovely little Café hides a secret...this room, with a little help from our very talented Joanne, magically converts into a magnificent and elegant function room that can comfortably seat 100 guest’s a Bridal table, a dance floor and a accommodate a band or DJ. Unbelievable isn't it?!
Both Joanne and I pride ourselves on our functions and do all we can to ensure your special event goes as smoothly as possible.
We are able to host any event you might fancy holding, everything from Christenings to Birthdays, Christmas parties and Corporate Dinners, Trivia nights Dinner Dances and Graduations. Nothing is too big or too complicated.
We have menus to suit all tastes and budgets and can happily cater for most food allergies. You need never worry about the little details again. Our function packages include everything you might need from table centres to candles, linen napkins to balloons….
We also have an extensive recommendations list with contact details for DJ’s, Celebrants, Photographers, Videographers and Cake Makers. Your event is important to you and therefore important to us why not let us take care of all the details.
Please feel free to ask one of our friendly staff for a Functions Package, or check our website for details at Or contact Joanne on 93951213.


Stuarts Pick this Month is….”Great Expectations” By Charles Dickens.
So incredibly, devastatingly boring was this book that poor old Stuie simply could not get past page 4. Desperate to know what all the fuss was about he tried reading the Cliff Notes to perhaps gain some insight he might be missing...This is what he found:
Cliffs Notes on Great Expectations follows the story of Pip, an English orphan who rises to wealth, deserts his true friends, and becomes humbled by his own arrogance. It also introduces one of the more colourful characters in literature: Miss Havasham. Charles Dickens set Great Expectations during the time that England was becoming a wealthy world power. Machines were making factories more productive, yet people lived in awful conditions, and such themes carry into the story.’
Inspiring huh? Yep, that’s what we concluded. Not to be deterred Stuart turned to the movie version, starring Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow. Sadly, despite featuring some very hot stars indeed, the essential story remained skull crushingly boring and twisted. Forced to abandon all hope of ever finding a single ounce of enjoyment or entertainment as a result of this story Stuart gives Great Expectations 5 skulls out of 5 for being an absolute load of codswallop and has retired to the corner with a stiff brandy.


Joanne and I would like to invite expressions of interest in an event we are planning for October. Witches and Warlocks promises to be an exciting event and a great excuse to dress up! Tickets will be $20.00 per head and includes plenty of delectable finger food, with drinks available at bar prices. There will be door prizes for the best dressed attendee and DJ Junior will ensure you rock the night away on the dance floor. Date is to be advised, but we would love to hear some feedback from you. Pre Purchasing of tickets will be essential! If you are interested please speak to Joanne or Tye on 93951213.

Tyes Useless Info...

*The KFC slogan, ‘finger lickin good’ translates to ‘eat your fingers off’ in Chinese. *The letters KGB stand for Komitet Gosurdarstvennoy Bezopasnos. *The D in D-Day, means Day. *Rio de Janeiro translates to River of January. *Spain literally means ‘the land of rabbits’. *Papaphobia is a fear of Popes. *19th of November is Have a Bad Day day. *29th of November is National Sinky Day, a day to eat over ones sink and worship it.

Heritage Care Program.

The Point Cook Homestead is pleased to have received some funding for a volunteer program, thanks to Heritage Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia . Old farm machinery across the property, some of it having been here since the 1930's, is being collected, treated with rust inhibitor, catalogued and beautifully re-displayed. The project will take 6 months, with a team of 5 volunteers working two days a week. Once completed, the display area will be a fabulous addition to the ongoing improvements taking place at the property. We are also looking at starting a Friends of Point Cook Homestead group, so if you have an interest in the fascinating history of the property, and a few hours to spare each month, Emma is taking expressions of interest on 9395 7501.


Hello Dear Customers!
Here we are already arriving at September and Jo and I can scarcely believe that this year has sped by at such an alarming rate!
This month marks one year since Joanne took over management of the Café, (I officially joined her in December) For those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, THANKYOU! Your support as regular customers has helped us get this far and both Joanne and I want you all to know how much we appreciate your support.
For those of you just joining us today, Welcome! We hope you stay on for the ride... Entirely at your own risk of course. This year has seen a lot of changes for Joanne and I and as we reflect on all we have accomplished we do it with a sense of humble pride, but we can also understand why we are so exhausted!
Without doubt, last Saturday evening’s Dinner In Portugal was our biggest event to date. Release your collective bated breath guys, we made it through! The evening was a spectacular success and those who were able to procure a ticket assure us they had a wonderful time. A very big thanks from us to all of those who participated, helped and attended.
Joanne and I attended the Geelong Bridal Expo (yes, the next morning) which was a wonderful opportunity to meet other professionals in the field and get the word out to all that Point Cook Homestead Café is also an excellent venue for a Wedding!
In other Café news, we are gearing up for Wedding Season so please do not be alarmed if you come down for breakfast and find we have moved the tables and chairs (again) Our Alpaca friends are going to be shorn in October so they can better cope with Summer, watch this space for a date as all will be welcome to come and watch.
We would also like to welcome Kerry our newest member of staff! Kerry has proven to be an invaluable part of the team and is an AWESOME in the kitchen, please make her feel very welcome.
Jo and I sincerely hope to see more of you in the coming months as the weather warms up and makes the Homestead an even more beautiful place to be...

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Harry Potter Eve Gallery.

Stained glass window transfiguration... Potions Classes.... Professor Trelawny and her budding student... Harry Potter and Murray Wizard... A pot of goodies...
Mrs Figg... Professor Tye and Snapes Assistant... Wandmaking....

Harry Potter Eve!

Both Joanne and myself were thrilled with the turnout for Harry Potter Eve! We were joined by lots of excited kids and grownups alike for a magical fun filled evening. Everyone got into the spirit and got dressed up which was fantastic. Our First place for best dressed went to Luke Beardsley, who made a very convincing Harry. Second prize went to Stuart for being a remarkable Hagrid and Third prize went to Oliver for making such a beautiful wizards hat!!
Upon arrival everyone was sorted and placed into one of four Hogwarts houses. Strangely enough we ended up with an awful lot of Gryffindors and not a single Slytherin...Then it was time for classes to begin!
We had Wand making with Professor Tye, featuring wood from the Whomping Willow and I would like to take this moment to thank Hogwarts for all for the Unicorn hair, Centaur fur, Mermaid skin, Phoenix feathers and Hippogriff feathers they so kindly sent to us. Of course the most important aspect of wand making is Essential Wand Safety 101, which everyone passed with flying colors!
Then it was off to Potions, run by Professor Snapes assistant, Joanne, everyone agreed they had a wonderful time making their Happiness Potions!
Next was spell writing, which was presided over by Professor Trelawny, who did a magnificent job of guiding the students through the writing of their spells.
Last but not least was Stained Glass Window Transfiguration, (colouring in to you Muggles) Along with all of the wonderful food and the reading of the final chapter of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince over in the front room of the Homestead, I think we can truly say it was a jam packed evening full of magic and fun!
Thank you so much to all of you who came and had a great time, it made our evening all the more magical. Even though there will never be another book to celebrate, we might just have to find an excuse to do it all again next year!

Dear Aunt Gladys

Dear Aunt Gladys, I really hope you can help me with my problem. I have been going out with a boy for 2 weeks now. He is very nice and I really like him. He has asked me to the movies. I am really excited! When he asked me which movie I wanted to see I told him I would love to see Harry Potter. The next day he told me we were going to see The Simpson's. I do not want to see this movie and am worried this does not bode well for our relationship. What do you think?
Signed, Distraught…
Dearest Distraught,
My dear girl. First may I begin by saying well done on recognizing this problem so soon! Of course this is a very obvious pre cursor to what could become major conflict down the track. Seems to me this boy is showing all the signs of being the worst kind of selfish cad! What on earth was the point of asking you which movie you wanted to see only to override it with his own preference when he decided he did not agree with yours!
Today its which movie you would prefer, tomorrow it is which colors for the lounge room, or what to name the baby, or even can you return to work after the baby! This boy sounds as though he will grow up into the kind of man that controls your every move, from what to name the dog to whom will look after his ailing mother.
I say dear girl, run, run for your life as though a rabid squirrel was on your heels. Run and never look back. As they say...There is no cure for rabies and prevention is better than a cure.
Love, Aunt Gladys xx


We desperately need an experienced kitchen hand to work Saturdays and Sundays in the Café. The successful applicant will have kitchen and cooking experience, including food preparation and service. For further details, please speak to Tye or Jo on 93951213.

Bits and Bobs...

You may have noticed the floors have been sanded and polished recently and as a result they not only look wonderful but are much easier to clean!
Our darling Jo is very distressed about the new floors remaining that way even though she knows realistically, they will get wrecked again eventually. If you could all just humor her folks and refrain from bringing in skate boards or cattle or six inch heels, I know I would greatly appreciate your help to the contribution of the continued ongoing maintenance of her sanity…
Jo and I will be attending the Bridal Expo in Geelong on August 19th to promote The Café as a Wedding and reception venue. Wish us luck!

Tyes Useless Info....

Did you know…. Some of you may have noticed our Alpaca friends need shearing. Whilst it is true they have not been shorn for 2 years, when we rang the Australian Alpaca association to get a shearer, we were told they cannot be shorn till October. Alpacas, unlike Sheep cannot control their body temperatures very well, which means they can easily die of hypothermia. Their fleece is so thick they also need Vitamin D injections to prevent them from getting rickets. It apparently is not uncommon to leave Alapacas unshorn for up to 7 years! The boys will be getting shorn in late October!

Tarnia and Chris....

Saturday July 21st saw the wedding of Tarnia and Chris.
A beautiful twilight ceremony was held on the front verandah of the Homestead, where Tarnia and Chris were attended by Tarnias sister Theresa and Chris best man…
Family and friends gathered as darkness fell to support the young couple and wish them the very best for their married life ahead.
Then it was celebrations and revelry in the café, where a lovely time was had by all. Joanne and I would like to wish Tarnia and Chris all the happiness they so richly deserve for their future together!

Stuarts Pick Of The Month: Books Guranteed To Bore You To Death.

Stuarts Pick of the Month for August is…’Labyrinth’ By Kate Mosse.
A controversial pick for Stuie this month seeing as this little tome was given the jaw dropping by line of being a number one best seller. In the aftermath of “The DaVinci Code”, a lot of “Grail” stories cropped up as authors and publishers everywhere heard the resounding ching of thousands of cash registers as they rushed as many stories of catholic church wrongdoings as possible off the presses.
Some of them were well researched and quite eye opening. Others were simply good weekend reading. Some of them were absolute pulp worthy. ‘Labyrinth’ falls headlong into the this latter category.
You all know how the story goes…”July 1209:in Carcassonne a 17 year old girl is given a mysterious book by her father which he claims contains the secret of the true Grail…”blah, blah, blah. Despite its alluring cover and blurb sadly ‘Labyrinth’ fails to deliver any of its promised mystery or any thing even remotely interesting at all. In fact by page 113, the deluded reader (who really should be wising up by now) is still waiting for any riveting piece of information to be divulged or even regurgitated.
Sadly a complete waste of time, paper, money and space on your bookshelf. Stuart gives this one 3 skulls out of 5 for being nothing more than jump on the Grail bandwagon pulp.