Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Stuarts Pick of the Month For October is …”David Copperfield” By Charles Dickens. ‘Reading David Copperfield made me want to kill small furry animals…’ posted one reader on a discussion review panel for this book. Not looking good so far huh? It has been said that David Copperfield is in fact a thinly veiled autobiography for Charles Dickens. If this is true, what a bloody miserable life he led. It begins with David as a boy. His father having died before his birth, he is very close to his mother until she remarries a cold, heartless brute and poor David finds himself being traumatised and beaten regularly. Then his mother dies giving birth to another screaming brat and he is shipped off to live with a succession of obscure relatives who each fail him miserably by tuning out to be frauds, alcoholics or just downright loony tunes! As he grows up he ends up marrying a woman who is not his ‘true love’ , whilst he still pines for her mind you, and then just as he comes to love the woman he did marry, she dies of a tragic illness! The melodrama is never ending in this long winded tale of true Victorian woe, which leaves the reader seriously contemplating what the hell else could go wrong. This book did not prompt Stuart to kill small furry animals, just himself. 5 skulls out of 5 for its sheer drudgery.


Celebrate Children's Week with us Come on down and join the fuss We have activities and fun galore The Book Fairy and even more! Come along and get your map (But it might be sunny, so wear a cap) Lots of treasures for you to discover We promise an adventure like no other! Meet Kerry and Jamie Of course, they will be there! Do a painting and find a BEAR We promise there will be lots of laughter And a day to remember for ever after…

The Low Down....

September was a very busy month for us here at the café, as I am sure most of our regular customers can attest too! September 15th saw us hosting our first Wedding Reception for this “Wedding Season”
Jayne and Kevin held their ceremony in Williamstown and later celebrated their reception with us here in the Café. A lovely evening was had by all and we certainly wish Jayne and Kevin all the very best for the future.
The following weekend, September 22nd, saw us hosting both the ceremony and reception for Rodalyn and Michael, a lovely couple who danced the night away to the tunes of our resident DJ, DJ Junior. Again, both Jo and I wish Roda and Michael a wonderful future together!
We have also held several kids parties and been host to the 60’s to 80’s Holden Enthusiasts and almost the entire St James Parish for a luncheon on the same day no less!
For those of you who visit us regularly and for our newcomers as well, Joanne and I would like to apologies in advance to you all if we have been too busy to stop and have our usual chat, or if your wait times have been a little longer than usual! We are doing our very best to get on top of our increasing business and are in the process of hiring and training new staff to ensure our level of customer service remains as high as possible.
On that note, we would like to give a big welcome to our newest staff member's, Meredith and April, who joins us for Saturdays from now on. When you think back, just 12 short months ago it was Jo, Maureen and Kylie all weekend, with me as the occasional ring in, now we employ 7 other staff!!! With summer fast approaching we have changed our café menu to suit the warmer weather and we sincerely hope you guys approve.
Don’t forget the Hillmans Car Club is coming to display their beautiful vintage cars on October 21st, which is also the very same day we will be celebrating Children's week with all sorts of fun, games and activities!
Please don't hesitate to ask Us or our friendly staff for more info on upcoming events….


Some of you may know, some may not, that when Joanne first took over this business, she had approx 3 weeks to go before the birth of her second little boy, Rohan.
On October 3rd, Rohan turned One, and he gets cuter every day!
A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us Rohan, we all love you very much!!!


Some of you might remember Kylie, Jo’s sister, my sister in law and Maureen’s Daughter.
She used to be a regular smiling face behind the counter here at the café.
If you thought the sun shone a little brighter this last September 14th, it was because Kylie and her Husband Andrew welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl named Hannah Jane. We want to wish Kylie and Andrew CONGRATULATIONS and thank them for giving us such a beautiful new addition the universe!